In November 2014, Mad River Township voters approved an electric and gas aggregation program. This allows the township to use group buying power to shop for cost effective energy suppliers. The township receives no revenue from this program, all savings are passed on to our residents.

If you are part of the aggregation program, you received a letter dated October 8, 2019 from Volunteer Energy regarding the Mad River Township Gas Aggregation Program. This is legitimate correspondence from the supplier for the township aggregation program. It says “Welcome to the Mad River Township Natural Gas Governmental Aggregation Program” because the township has just agreed to use Volunteer Energy as the supplier at a two year fixed rate of $0.389 per Ccf. As in the past, your bill will continue to come from Columbia or Vectren, the utility companies in our township.

You may opt out of or into the program at any time at no cost to you. We caution you to be careful when comparing rates as some are “Introductory Offers” that will go to a significantly higher rate within months and some are variable rates which are less expensive in low usage months, and increase in high usage months. You could also be charged a “cancellation fee” for leaving a program before your contract expires.
If you have any further questions, you can contact the broker for our program at (877)861-2772.